Gently Disturbed
Gently Disturbed
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viyxkaleidoscope eyes


BL-1402, 2014.
Ballpoint pen on canvas, 88 x 118 inches (223.5 x 299.7 cm).
Il Lee

officially getting tattooed when i fly down to orlando for school my parents are going to fucking kill me

if anyone could recommend a shop that would be lovely thank you thank you  

buddhacoffeeCubes and Lines

I took my cat on a $700 vet trip complete with blood work, x-rays, physical exams, an ultrasound, antibiotics, and serious pain medication 

My guess is he has toxoplasmosis 

very sad very sick baby 

shutupalexischristmas bbq
Q: Are you and Vincent still friends?

He’s one of my best friends

asked by Anonymous
prettycolorsPretty Colors
provo-lonerHave a wonderful day.
whore-for-coutureWhore for Couture
thecandlegoatI ONLY SAID

one of my cats is really really sick and hasn’t eaten in over 24 hours and doesn’t want to move and i have to force feed him chicken broth with a pipette i’m taking him to the emergency animal hospital in the morning i think he ate a diseased chipmunk or something i don’t know but i’m all alone and freaking out because he’s my baby